Time for a
New Approach

There are several compelling reasons why it is time for a new approach to communications training in today’s rapidly evolving organisation and business environments:

Working alongside communication tools

Technology and communication platforms have advanced significantly in recent years. With the rise of remote work and the use of digital tools like video conferencing, instant messaging, and collaboration software, the way we communicate has changed. Health Action Training courses will help team members learn how to communicate effectively alongside these new tools, ensuring your teams never lose the skill of good interpersonal communication

Cultural Diversity

In most locations today across the world, organisations are increasingly diverse, with employees and service users/ clients from various cultural backgrounds. Our effective communication training incorporates cultural sensitivity and awareness to avoid misunderstandings and promote inclusivity in the workplace.

Remote and hybrid work environments

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many of us now work. At HAT, our training will address the unique challenges and opportunities associated with these work arrangements, such as the need for clear virtual communication and remote team collaboration.

The importance of authentic communications

In a world where automation and AI are becoming more prevalent, soft skills, including verbal and non verbal communication, are highly valuable. Our communications training focuses on developing skills that are difficult to automate, such as emotional intelligence, active listening, and empathetic communication.

Changing patient/customer expectations

Patients and Customers today have higher expectations when it comes to communication. Staff and teams must be skilled in addressing evolving customer/ patient demands for personalised, responsive, and multi-channelled communication.

Rapid Information Flow

The speed at which information travels has increased, with news and information spreading across the internet and social media in real-time. Teams must now learn  how to navigate this fast-paced, information-rich environment while maintaining self awareness and emotional intelligence.

Remote Team Dynamics

Many organisations and businesses now have an element of hybrid working and distributed team locations. It is imperative that staff have the skills to address the unique challenges of building trust and collaboration among team members who may never meet in person, or who they only meet with occasionally.

Crisis Communication

The world has witnessed various crises in recent years, from health emergencies to natural disasters. Crisis communication preparedness, teaching your team how to respond and communicate effectively during challenging times is vital for staff resilience and confidence.

Sustainability and Ethical Communication

Organisations and businesses are under ever increasing scrutiny regarding ethical and sustainability practices. It is vital that teams are equipped with the required skills to address how to communicate these values effectively and authentically both internally and externally. HAT teaches key skills in advocacy and public speaking to have your voice heard

Given these changes and challenges, our new approach to communications training is agile, adaptable, and tailored to the unique needs of your organisation and its evolving landscape.