Mental Health OSCE Prep

Due to a shortage of Mental Health Nurses there is increased appetite to recruit MH nurses from abroad. To support these efforts Health Action Training has developed a unique course that helps prepare International Nurses for their new career and most importantly prepares them for a Mental Health OSCE. With a significant amount of the training conducted before leaving the home country this course heavily reduces the costs for the employing organisation and eases the transition for the nurses.

Mental Health Nurses make a major contribution at all levels to the mental health and wellbeing of a society. While the focus is normally the immediate care and support of those with chronic mental health conditions, promoting mental health and wellbeing and challenging stigma, inequalities and discrimination is also an important part of the job

While the United Kingdom(UK) has an established profession of Mental Health Nurses, mental health services are becoming burdened by a mounting work load and shrinking human resources. Recruitment and retention issues are now more obvious. To maintain and achieve the required quality of mental health services it is necessary for Health and Social Care organisations to explore recruitment from other countries.

The recruitment process has many important steps including a comprehensive show casing of Mental Health Nursing in the UK, the challenges that exist in this field and the many career opportunities and inter cultural experiences that exist. Following the initial qualification and immigration checks and completion of a Mental Health specific Computer-Based Test, candidates need a rigorous and high quality preparation for the Mental Health Objective Structured Clinical Examination(OSCE). Passing this OSCE is a necessary requirement for entry to Part 1 RN3 Level One: Mental Health of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) register.

This OSCE preparation must focus on consolidation and application of existing professional knowledge, skills and values within a new professional and cultural context. Support with communication, inter cultural awareness and an opportunity to simulate the typical challenges faced by Mental Health Nurses in the UK is required. To facilitate such transformative learning, the use of Health Action Training methods including applied drama, applied puppetry, forum theatre, voice training, Indian Rasas, overcoming communication challenges associated with wearing Personal Protective Equipment(PPE). Being relaxed and properly centred for effective person-centred communication is required. Support from expert trainers who use learner –centred assessment, feedback and feed forward approaches are needed to build the confidence required to be adequately prepared for the Mental Health OSCE.

At the end of the course participants will be able to;

  • Demonstrate Health Action Training performance techniques and practices, through role play scenarios and evaluate the effect these have on performing dignified, compassionate and person-centred practice in Mental Health Nursing.
  • Demonstrate compassionate communication and relationship management skills required to engage with individuals and groups of people experiencing distress, mental ill-health and\or life threatening circumstances.
  • Demonstrate inter professional communication skills that facilitate seamless care between acute care and community settings managing risk and operating within legal and professional guidelines to enable individuals and\or groups to cope with mental ill-health and safeguard those who are vulnerable.
  • Display awareness of therapeutic interventions that are applicable to Mental Health Nursing and show proficiency in a range of nursing procedures including medicine management, and group facilitation.
  • Discuss the emotional impact of working in mental health identifying methods to improve self-care and enhance personal resilience, while building support networks that facilitate transition to working in mental health services in the UK.