HAT Courses

HAT offers a range of different courses, each adaptable to suit your specific needs – our courses are truly bespoke. Our main course “Graduate Certificate in Health Action Training” (Accredited by both The RCN & CPD) offers learners a robust and committed programme of workshops where they can develop their skills in our tried and tested approach. This course satisfies the NMC’s requirements for revalidation for nurses, particularly relating to 35 hours of CPD including 20 hours of participatory learning and reflection.

Learners can go further and become a HAT certified trainer through our “Train the trainer” approach. Candidates who wish to become HAT certified trainers will take part in two further courses, “Health Action Training and Issues in Health Communication” and “Teaching and Assessment for Health Action Training” where attendees will learn about the key challenges facing healthcare staff, sharing their own experiences, and working together to find new ways to overcome and tackle these challenges using the HAT approach. HAT certified trainers will be welcomed and supported by HAT to deliver their own short courses, following the HAT method, as well as delivering our core “Graduate Certificate in Health Action Training” course.

We also offer a variety of in-house short courses which take a closer look at specific issues in healthcare communication.

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Graduate Certificate in Health Action Training

This 35 hr programme is open to learners from a range of fields helping to address universal and field-specific communication issues. The programme is applicable to all interpersonal communication, whether one-to-one or in team settings or the use of technology such as teletriage or video telephony.

Mental Health OSCE Prep

Due to a shortage of Mental Health Nurses there is increased appetite to recruit MH nurses from abroad. To support these efforts Health Action Training has developed a unique course that helps prepare International Nurses for their new career and most importantly prepares them for a Mental Health OSCE. With a significant amount of the training conducted before leaving the home country this course heavily reduces the costs for the employing organisation and eases the transition for the nurses.

COVID – Resilience and Growth

This 12-hour course facilitates learners to reframe challenging experiences associated with living and working during a crisis situation. Ideas on loss, grief, bereavement and mental health first –aid inform a drama-based programme that fosters post traumatic growth, self-care and personal resilience.

HAT Introduction to the NHS

This 12-hour course begins in the country of origin and provides education and support for healthcare professionals transitioning to work in NHS. It consists of communication skills, Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) issues, cultural awareness and managing relationships in multiprofessional teams.

Train The Trainer – Advanced Diploma in Facilitation for HAT

What makes HAT unique is our commitment to leave a legacy with individuals and organisations via our “Train the Trainer” model. Following completion of the Graduate Certificate in Health Action Training it is possible for learners to embark on a further two 35 hour courses “Health Action Training: Issues in Health Communication” plus “Teaching and Assessment for Health Action Training”. Upon successful completion of all 3 courses the candidate will be a fully qualified Health Action(HAT) Trainer and achieve an Advanced Diploma in Facilitation for HAT. This will enable them to teach The Graduate Certificate in HAT.