Watching this video you would think someone had just told a seriously funny joke! But no, this is a snippet from our course where participants learn how acting methods can help them in role plays and in their practice. They learn how acting traditions have examined ways the body reacts to things like laughter, and how to simulate these reactions so it seems as though you’re really laughing.
Our nurses get to practice doing this in our courses, and they also learn how to recognise how other people’s bodies react when they do things like laugh. Recognising and feeling these bodily sensations helps us to attune to the non-verbal communication that is all around us.
As they say – laughter is in the air!
All of our courses are part of your revalidation CPD and one grad cert course will take care of your CPD requirements for the whole three years! If you want your learning to be something other than tick boxes get in touch with us, speak to your manager or even point them in our direction, we are happy to help.

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